Guidelines and Information

A. General Information
  1. This is a hobby publication for people and businesses interested in antique lightning rods, lightning rod glass balls, weathervanes, lightning rod tips, memorabilia, lightning rod insulators, advertising, and other lightning rod related items (only).
  2. This on-line and hardcopy publication is for subscribers only. However, subscribers are welcome to share information with others and encourage others to become subscribers.
  3. Non-subscribers can access only the Guidelines, Shows and Events, partial Marketplace, and Subscribe tabs.
  4. Your subscription entitles you access to all other tabs to post items to buy, sell, or wanted (in the Marketplace tab), post shows & events (in the Shows/Events tab), post questions and answers (in the Q & A tab), and post news and information (in the News tab) and to read information posted in the Archive tab. There is no charge to subscribers to post items listed above.
  5. As soon as your subscription is active, you have access to all tabs, and you may start posting things.
  6. Generally, postings can only be done by subscribers. However, the Editors may choose to post something from non-subscribers if they believe it is in the best interest of the hobby to do so. Example: Notification that a commercial auction house will be auctioning off a good sized collection posted in the Shows/Events tab.
  7. The Editors are: Eilene Kelly, Jim Cagle, Sandy Easly. Rod Krupta is the back-up editor.
  8. Once a posting has been made, the author may EDIT or DELETE it at any time, except as noted in the Archive tab description below.
  9. All postings will automatically show who posted it, their phone number, their email address, and when it was posted, except for hardcopy subscribers. The posting will show "Hardcopy Subscriber" instead of an email address. By subscribing, you are agreeing to to the above.
  10. All postings are monitored by the Editors.  In the event that a posting is incomplete, mis-leading, or otherwise un-acceptable, the person that made the post will be contacted, typically by phone.  We all make mistakes from time to time.  In some extreme cases the Editors may choose to delete a posting.  If a posting is deleted, the author will be contacted, again, typically by phone.  The person that created the original posting may edit it to correct whatever problem was present, review it with one of the Editors, and re-submit it.  This is expected to be a very rare event.
  11. A posting can only be edited by the person that created it or one of the Editors.  If an Editor deems it necessary to edit a posting, the Editor will contact the person that made the post and explain why the posting was edited.  This too is expected to be a fairly rare event and typically limited to minor details.
  12. Please note that that the Guidelines and Information Tab may be updated from time to time by the Editors.  Whenever and updated version is posted, notification will be provided in the News and Information Tab.
 B. Subscriptions and Hardcopies
1. All subscriptions are for one year or for multiple years. There are no "partial year" subscriptions, except for new or lapsed Hardcopy subscribers, described below.
2. Hardcopy subscriptions run from March 1st through the end of February of the following year.  This is known as the "hardcopy subscription year".
3. On-line subscriptions run in multiples of one year from the date that payment is received.  There are automatic reminders to let you know when your subscription will expire.
4. New or lapsed hardcopy subscribers between April 1st and November 30th pay only for the months remaining in that subscription year.  After November 30th, the new or lapsed subscriber must pay for the remaining months of the current subscription year, PLUS the full subscription rate for the following subscription year.
5 Subscription rates are as follows:
        - On-line only:  $12 per year
        - Hardcopy only, continental USA, $23 per year ($2 per month)
        - Hardcopy only, outside continental USA, $36 per year ($3 per month)
7. If a subscription has lapsed, it will be re-instated once payment has been received.
8. There are no "shared" subscriptions, except for members of the same household.
9. There are no refunds for subscriptions. By canceling a subscription, a subscriber chooses to forfeit any and all of their remaining subscription fees.  This includes canceling a subscription in the first year of a multi-year subscription.
10. The no refund rule also applies in the very rare event that a subscriber mis-behaves badly enough, or often enough, or both (ie does not follow the Guidelines) that the Editors determine that it is in the best interest of the hobby to cancel someone's subscription.  The Editors sincerely hope that this never becomes necessary, but are prepared to take the above action if needed.
11. Hardcopy subscriptions are intended for those that don't have or don't want to use a computer.  On-line subscribers can print out their own hardcopy anytime that they want to.
12, The hardcopies are simply black and white print outs from the website, and only show the last 30 days of postings, as postings are automatically deleted after 30 days.
13. Electronic subscribers may print out any or all tabs at any time, and will be in color if you have a color printer.
14. For Hardcopy subscribers, the Marketplace, Shows and Events, Q and A, News and Info tabs will be printed, copied, and mailed out four times a year.  Please note that the Marketplace and other tabs will only show the previous 30 days of ads, not all 3 months worth.
15. Closing dates and mailing dates for the hardcopies are as follows:
        - December 31st for the January edition
        - March 31st for the April edition
        - June 30th for the July edition
        - September 30th for the October edition
16. Harcopies of the Archive tab will not be mailed out, except by special request.  There will be an initial charge of $10 for doing so.  This charge will increase in the future as the size of the Archive expands.
17. Overtime, it may be necessary to increase the subscription rate. If this becomes necessary, notification will be provided 6 months ahead of the implementation date.  The notification will be done by posting the information on the News and Information Tab.
18. The subscription rate change will only apply to new or renewed subscriptions.  For example if someone paid for 5 years, the rate change would not affect them until it is time to renew for the 6th year. 
19. It is possible that not all subscription rates would change at the same time.  For example, the Hardcopy subscription rate might change, but the electronic subscription rate might stay the same.
20. As has been done back in the original Crown Point Magazine hardcopy days, there will be an annual directory published in April of each year.  During the subscription sign-up, you have the option as to whether or not you want to be included in the annual Directory.  If you want to be included, you can select what information will be shown in the Directory for you.
21. By subscribing, you are agreeing with all of the above.

C. Marketplace Tab
1. The Marketplace Tab is where subscribers my post items for sale, for trade, or items wanted.
2. Marketplace ads will be shown for 30 days.  On the 31st day they will be automatically deleted from the Marketplace Tab. 
3. After a Marketplace ad has expired, the author of the ad may re-post the same ad, as the system tracks all the postings that each subscriber posts.
4. If multiple items are posted (which is acceptable) it would be appreciated if the author would update the posting to delete or mark as sold, the items that have been sold.  Doing so is in the seller's best interest, as it reduces the number of queries after an item has been sold.
5. Marketplace ads must be as accurate as possible.  If an error is made, it must be corrected as quickly as possible.
6. Marketplace ads must be for lightning rod related items.  This includes, but is not limited to: lightning rods, lightning rod stands, lightning rod insulators, glass balls, lightning rod weathervanes, lightning rod tips or points, memorabilia, lightning rod related adversing, etc. Other items may not be posted. Examples of prohibited items: automobiles, electronics, dolls, toys, etc.
7. The Marketplace is for fixed price or "best offer" items. Auctions are not permitted, but notification of an auction of lightning rod related items may be posted in the Shows and Events tab, as long as it occurs on a fixed date. Again, E-Bay type auctions are not permitted here.
8. Items for sale or trade should include only as much description as needed.  Generally speaking, the description should include color, condition, history (if any is known) price, quantity, etc. Photos are encouraged, but should be kept to a minimum.
9. All postings will automatically show who posted it, their contact information, and when it was posted. By subscribing, you are agreeing to the above.
10. For Hardcopy subscribers, postings may be done bycontacting one of the Editors, usually Sandy Easley.  The posting will show that it was posted by Sandy Easley, but list the contact information for the hardcopy subscriber that requested the posting.

D. Shows/Events Tab
1. The Shows and Events tab is where shows and other events of interest to people in the hobby are listed.
2. Any subscriber may post items in the Shows and Events tab.
3. All postings on the Shows and Events tab must provide basic description of the event, when it will be held, time(s) that it will be had, and the full street address for the show or event.
4. Items posted in the Shows and Event must be related to lightning rods in some manner.  Examples: A glass bottle show may be listed, as long as there is some indication that there will be lightning rod related items at that show.   The same goes for insulator or other antique shows.
5. The Shows and Events tab is automated such that after a date for a show or event has passed, the show or event will be automatically deleted.
6. Only shows or events scheduled to occur within 12 months of the posting date may be posted.  The system will not accept dates farther out than that.
7. Non-subscribers may contact one of the Editors to see if their event can be posted.  The Editors will only post things if they believe it is in the best interest of the hobby to do so.
8. For Hardcopy subscribers, postings may be made by contacting one of the Editors, typically Sandy Easley, and he will do the posting for you.  When the post is made, it will show that it was posted by Sandy Easley for Hardcopy subscriber (name) the contact information for the hardcopy subscriber, along with the date posted.
9. Postings made by electronic subscribers will show who made the post, their contact information, and when it was posted.  By subscribing, you are agreeing to the above.

E.        Q  & A Tab
1. The Question and Answer Tab is where subscribers may post lightning rod related questions or respond to questions from other subscribers.
2. All questions must be lightning rod related. This includes, but is not limited to, questions about who made what glass ball and when, questions about who to contact about lightning rod weathervane repair, etc.
3. Any subscriber may respond to any question.
4. Typically each response should provide an indication of what documentation exists (if any) that can be used to verify the response.  This would include things like catalog listings, advertising, etc.  It is acceptable to note that there is no known documentation, it that is believed to be the case.
5. There will be times where a definitive answer to a specific question is not possible. In that case, all responses will be shown, even if they conflict.  While this is not a desirable situation, it happens.
6. Responses to questions should be kept as short as possible and to the point.  From time to time the Editors may choose to shorten a response.
7. It is ok to disagree with a posting, as long as it is done with respect.
8. All response should follow the simple guideline of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."
9. Derogatory postings are not permitted, will be deleted, and the author contacted.
10. Hardcopy subscribers may make postings by contacting Sandy Easley who will make the posting for them, but the posting will show the contact information for the hardcopy subscriber.
11. Here also, all postings will automatically show who made the post, when, and their contact information.
12. After 30 days Q and A postings will either be automatically deleted, or moved to the Archive Tab by one of the editors.

F. News and Info Tab
1. The News and Information Tab is for subscribers to post news, observations, discoveries, etc. related to lightning rods.  This is similar to a "web log" known as a "blog".
2. Posts may include things like a show report, items seen at a recent antique show, what sold at a recent auction, etc.
3. Once again, all posts must be lightning rod related.
4. All postings must have a point or purpose and be as short as possible and get to the point quickly.
5. Posting just for the sake of posting something is not permitted, will be deleted, and the author contacted.  For example, it does not make sense
for 20 people to make a post simply to agree with someone else.
6. Again, derogatory postings are not permitted, will be deleted, and the author contacted.
7. Postings in the News and Event tab are subject to the same 30 day expiration as items posted in the Marketplace tab.
8. However, the Editors may choose, from time to time, to move a significant posting to the archive tab. This would include items of possible future historical interest.  Examples might include a post of where and when a new or unusual item was found, or what company made a specific item.
9. Here also, Hardcopy subscribers may contact Sandy Easley to make a post for them.
10. Once again, all postings will automatically show who made the posting, when, and their contact information.  By subscribing, you are agreeing to the above.

G. Archive Tab
1. The Archive Tab is where items are permanently stored for future reference by subscribers.
2. As mentioned above, most of the posts in the Q and A section along with some of the News and Information posts will be moved to the Archive by the Editors.  
3. Over time, the Archive tab will evolve into a searchable database. This is the tab where selected postings live on forever.
4. Redundant postings will not be archived.  Only the most complete version of multiple posts will be archived.
5. The Editors are the only ones that can move posts into the Archive tab.
6. As always, each post will show who made the post, when, and their contact information.  By subscribing, you are agreeing to the above.